Welcome to La Locanda del Parco

If you love nature, having long walks, riding horses, for trekking then the Appenino abruzzese will offer you stunning landscapes. You are probably one of those persons that never goes anywhere without his mountain bike or maybe you are just a simple person looking for a nice weekend out, seeking to relax, away from city noises. In both case, the perfect place where to stay in Abruzzo is here, at La Locanda del Parco.


You can stay in the shade of the Gran Sasso Mountain and in half an hour reach the most beautiful beaches of the region. You can visit the quiet National park or go skiing on the nearby trails. But mainly you will have the sensation of being like at home in a friendly and cozy location with a very good teramana cooking ready to be tasted.


Welcome to La Locanda del Parco: your holidays in Abruzzo have just started.