What would I like to visit? The past!

If nature’s work leaves you speechless, man’s work becomes small and discreet in comparison even, if not less intense, enriched by centuries of history and tradition.


You may find: the findings of the grotto of St.Angelo that tell the prehistory of the italic people; the medieval village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio all built in limestone and perfectly preserved; the impressive fortress of Civitella and its 500 meters long

walls; the country church of San Donato in Castelli, the “Sistine chapel of Maiolica”. Its name originates from the way it was named by Carlo Levi once he had visited it because of its earthenware ceiling. These are just some of the destinations that have to be seen once you come here.


There are places that are not so easy to know about because they are very typical. La Locanda del Parco can advice you where to go and visit, giving you all the information you need.