Story makes itself present

Put together the clay of the badlands, the clean water that falls from the Gran Sasso, the passion of the Benedictines that lived nine centuries ago, wood for the oven and lots of imagination. That would do the trick! Here you have the recipe of the artistic ceramics of Castelli. It has been many years now that the tradition goes on and the ceramists still use the same techniques and invent new shapes. Our hotel can advice you where to go buy or just take a look at the finest pieces. We organize also trips to visit the laboratories where they create and develop this art.


In the same way, the hotel can give you indications about where to go and buy fresh ricotta, typical cold cuts, delicious porchetta (pork roast), tasty pecorino cheese, home made extra virgin oil and so on...We will give you all the information that you wouldn’t find in a usual travel guide.