Climbing walls for all tastes

Professional climbers or beginner ones, It does not matter! The Gran Sasso rock offers you any kind of climbing difficulty and satisfies your needs. To warm up, you can start from the Sasso Pretara cliff: 10 minutes from La Locanda del Parco, it has 17 roads recently rearranged of difficulty that varies from 5a to 7a+.


Otherwise you can try to climb the 18 roads of the Madonna d’Appari on the Paganica cliff (difficulty 4c to 7a+) or the numerous roads on the Pietracamela cliff. While at the Vallone delle Cornacchie you will find the suggestive climbing gym of the Gran Sasso. For geological reasons, you will find some lime on the rocks that, becoming hard, give to climbers small but safe handholds.


Can you imagine a gym for climbing at 2000 meters height between the Corno grande and the Corno Piccolo? Isn't it exciting?