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Gran Sasso means talking about nature. You can see the majestic peaks that overlook the Appennini and that reach the two seas, the endless green fields of the highlands, the chamois, the beech woods, the water that flows from springs and waterfalls and arrives to the valley.


Nature sometimes is wicked but enchants.

Decide how to enjoy the beauties of the Parco del Sasso. You can have long walks, bike riding, go climbing or take wonderful pictures. Your passions and your curiosity will be satisfied. At the Locanda del Parco, you will always find someone that will give you all the information needed to help you decide how to make the perfect outdoor activity. You can plan with our help the best itinerary. Let your curiosity and our hospitality be as one, a perfect mix that gives you the chance to breakthrough using our information. This is what happens at La Locanda del Parco everyday.


If you are also passionate about the treasures left by men you came to the right place: you will find hermitages, sanctuaries, archaeological sites, castles, medieval villages, handicrafts, historical recalls, traditional products and very good food. The pages that follow are just some other hints that explain the richness of this place.