Organized in detail meeting room

The broad area of the Gran Sasso hall (1076 square foot, 10 ft height) can be organized in many ways: audience position (60 people sitting), using round tables (48 people), round tables with cabaret stage (40 people). We also put at your disposal a big conference wooden table on a platform where you can position up to four comfortable arm chairs for the presenters. While for the public audience smaller stuffed armchairs with little desks coming out from the sides are available.


Natural light - often absent in meeting rooms - is guaranteed by three large windows. The artificial lighting can be adjusted; it lightens the room up to an illumination of 200 lux while it gets until 600 lux on the conference table. The visibility is maximal, due to the total lack of columns.


The room is fully air conditioned. It has private services and has direct access to both the dining room and the restaurant bar. It is external porch is always useful for breaks during the work. The car park of the hotel is in front of the room.



1076 square foot 27×40 ft 10 ft 60 pax 48 pax