Your green Hotel is lost in a green Park

One's passion for the surrounding environments does not mean only to have knowledge of the wonders of the abruzzese landscapes.


It also means to have respect for nature and for the spaces you live in, (which also includes your room): it is forbidden to smoke in the hotel, there is an automatic system of switch-off of the lights, an independent air conditioning system for each room, the reduction of the flow in the bathrooms and the green program for the laundry is adopted.Theese are just some examples that should help sensitize people about environmental education.


Passion for environments also means to invest: high efficiency boilers, energy efficient isolation for the building, thermal windows, re use of rainwater, tap water treatment, solar panels. It is believed that the interacting with the environment should lead us to follow certain rules, such as the development of environmental friendliness, environmental sustainability and energy conservation.


It's the least we can do for such a generous and spectacular nature.