The right technology for a perfect meeting

For a successful meeting, you need to have the right technology guaranteeing its efficiency. In the Gran Sasso hall you will find the basic equipment that will grant you the perfect meeting:


-RCF AM 1122 Amplifier-6 channels;

-audio system with 4 loudspeakers PL70BS RCF;

-wireless microphones RCF TX 1000;

-DVD player LG DVX286;

-7 MB internet connection, Plug&Play, wires included;

-Wi-Fi connection;

-Fax service;

-Name tags for the speakers.


You can also have other equipments under request:


-Sharp Notevision video projector (2500 ANSI lumens, resolution up to 1200x1600);

-Projection screen;

-Flip chart;

-Flower arrangements.